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Standard Diesel Genset

We supply on hire standard Gensets which are not covered with sound proof acoustic canopy, because of which there is cost cutting in purchase of these D.G. sets. Hence they are available at nominal rates and can be used where there is no sound issue. We provide trolley mounted Gensets from 10 K.V.A. to 125 K.V.A. which can be used for cross country pipelines & other mobiles job works.

Silent Diesel Genset

We hire silent acoustic canopy generators which provide 70 % db sound levels and are as Indias Supreme Court norms. These Gensets are soundproof, weatherproof, environment, friendly, compact in design and comply with the most stringent CPCB norms. These D.G’s are fitted  with fuel efficient Cummins engine. Coupled with high class STAMFORD alternator.


Soundproof Van

We hire sound proof van ranging from 75 K.V.A to 500 K.V.A. it can be reached at site within 1hr in Mumbai city limit and can be used for emergency purpose like short circuit or fire etc. we also provide it for wedding ceremony, exhibition, film shooting or as per the party needs

Honda Portable Gensets

We are having portable Honda Gensets from 1 K.V.A. to 5 K.V.A. which can be hire at any location immediately. They are totally imported from Japan and can be used for offices or small function. They run on petrol as well as kerosene fuel.
Diesel Welding Generators
We also supply diesel welding generators on hire, make Advani-Oerlikon coupled with Perkins S325 engine. They are used for cross country pipeline and fabrication works at the site. They are mobile and can be shifted from places to places. It can deliver 100% radiography welding and has option of auxiliary power unit of 2 K.V.A. for 2 Nos. hand grinder running & 1 no. of halogen bulb for lightning. It can run sophisticated welding electrodes like 6010 and any type of rods.
Silent Canopy Power Generator
Power Generators 2.5-1250 K.V.A.
Welding Generators
Silent Canopy Power Generator
Power Generators
Welding Generators
Sound Proof Generators Vans Portable Honda Generators  
Sound Proof Generators Vans Portable Honda Generators  
Standard Diesel Genset | Silent Diesel Genset | Sound Proof Van | Honda Portable Gensets | Diesel Welding Generators
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